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Sunday, August 20, 2006


During the recent inspection of our new house, the inspector's final report indicated the house was in good condition. We did have to type up a statement negotiating for the seller to cover the cost of some minor changes. The document ended up being a team effort, with both of us putting in sentences over each other. My wife, "Bonnie," wrote the following:

"Everything else in the house seems good and we are content with the results of the inspector's report."

While revising the document she cleverly wanted to change the word "content" on the above sentence with the word "gay." While the sentence makes total grammatical sense either way, we still had a good laugh trying to imagine the reception this change would have had on the sellers.


At 10:58 PM, Blogger Running For Mom said...

Hey. Thanks for the note on my website about me running again. I appreciate the encouragement. I've scanned your websites. Very interesting. Especially the moleskin scans. Nice. Stop by and visit again. I'll be dropping by here occasionally, too.

By the way, the "gay" thing was funny. I love the English language. Constantly amusing. My favorite Jay Leno segments are the Monday night Headlines. Messed up grammer cracks me up!

Anyway, have a great week.


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