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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Giving in to Moleskine

A recent article in the newspaper called it an obssession. The truth is that as a fan of Moleskine notebooks I find the statement offensive. I got my first Moleskine in Washington, DC. I have my original receipt, whereof I immediately placed inside the Moleskine pocket. The receipt dates to 1998, long before the Moleskine fever hit the trendy market. Back then, my supplier of Moleskine was a small "mom and pop" stationary shop on a sidestreet in Georgetown. I am proud of that receipt as I am proud of my list of completed notebooks. I haven't really bought any more Moleskines since I got married (we are on a tight budget), but I love to look at my collection (especially my very first one) and I am glad I got so many of them before I got married. I recently read a post by someone who claims having an addiction to Moleskines. "I can't walk into a place that has them and not buy one," said the offender. Perhaps Moleskines go beyond a feverish obssession--it's more like a lifestyle choice. I often wonder how long it will take me to fill all the ones that I have... but then again, I am glad I got them.


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