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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Yoko Tawada

The novella "The Bridegroom was a Dog" borders on the surrealist. Just like Haruki Murakami books, this story plays with the unimaginable making it digestible and readable. Case in point: The featured story "The Bridegroom was a Dog" tells the story of Mitsuko Kitamura, a Japanese school teacher (a sorts of cram school), and a mysterious visitor who comes to visit one day and stays for good. What is so surreal about the story is what this visitor (his name is Taro Iinuma) does with the teacher when the mood strikes him. The story is far from pornographic, but it is graphic enough to make you think twice about what it is they are doing and why. The unbelievable/believable aspect of the story is that everyone else involved (minor characters, etc.) seem to act so normal despite the abnormal. Since I am about one third into the story I really can't write much more, but there's a mystery to Taro's character and the author is pulling the right strings to keep the reader hooked on the story. So far this has been a surprisingly interesting read.

I have rehearsals for the concert tonight, tomorrow and Friday. An additional rehearsal is schedule for Saturday during the day.

Classes are going great. I am so happy this semester that it seems I have forgotten what a hard time I had last semester. It all evens out, I guess. Today, my students will be taking their first examination on Chapter 22 of "The American Pageant." Wish them luck :-)

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At 12:14 AM, Blogger Susan Abraham said...

Enjoy your reads, JCR & may your concert rehearsals go well.


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