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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Vladimir Nabokov's "Glory"

I must clarify something about the essay I posted yesterday. I believe that the hasty generalizations I made were "tounge-in-cheek" and purposeful. However much I may hate assumptions and generalizations, they are a part of/and a device of rhetoric. Teaching writing for years now, I have taught myself to make the "faults" but not believe in them.

My reading has been on and off the last two weeks. I am reading Vladimir Nabokov's "Glory," and because of the lack of time it has taken me a while to work myself through. I took a trip to Washington DC for a conference on international exchange teachers. It was nice to be back in Washington. I took enough time to go to Olsson's and spend some hard-earned money that I shouldn't have. I got a couple of titles on poetry (mainly interpretative essays), and a collection of essays by Jonathan Lethem. It was all pretty hazy to me because I had just gone to dinner with my Dean of Students and our new Chinese teacher and I had just ingested enough Sangria to kill a small horse. I also picked up a copy of "The Philosopher and the Druids," by Philip Freeman. What's sad about this book is that I was so excited when I actually first read about it (when it was published in January of this year), and now I found my copy in the "remainders" stack at Olsson's. Not that I mind paying $5.95 for a $25 book, but it is still representative of what people are/are not reading.

I will report on "Glory" tomorrow... today I am in an all-day training session for our new grading system.

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