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Friday, December 05, 2008

The Year of Living Philosophically

I told everyone about a week ago that I had decided to take December off and do little reading and writing in between now and the 1st of January. I am still holding on to that premise, but I've got so much to do before the end of the year. My reading list for 2009, for one, is taking much more time than I originally predicted. This year's list (2008) was shot to pieces around the end of the summer. Some questions circulated on whether it was a good idea to have an actual list to begin with. I am sticking to the decision to do a list, but I am still unclear about what to include. One idea (and a very good one indeed) suggested by a fellow blogger was to read only philosophy for a straight year. I think that's an excellent idea. The question, of course, is "what to include?" I have some ideas but if you have a suggestion after I post my list later this weekend, please let me know. I will begin, as I begin my often philosophical readings, with a re-reading of Will Durant's "The Story of Philosophy." I know it's not a very "chic" book when it comes to academic rigor, but it is put in clear and succinct form, and it's a great brush up on the major names throughout the ages. So, for now, that's the book I will begin my list with... I'll be putting it up this coming weekend.

The Academy is full of surprises, really, and my students have taken to "Crime and Punishment" with both trepidation and pleasure. Raskolnikov is not a simple character, but I think for the most part they've been able to digest the main issues of the plot and how the protagonist is the true catalyst (for now) of events.

Somehow I am not suffering from NaNoWriMo withdrawal... more relieved than anything, really, of having survived and succeeded another literary episode of lunacy. Cheers!

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