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Friday, September 18, 2009

Literary Detours: Christopher Isherwood's Diaries

I find myself again and again lost in this massive volume. Isherwood's diaries are endless; one thinks of this man's habitual compulsion to write, and how we all now benefit from his insight in life, love, politics, and the Hollywood world. His insight into Vedanta and other Hindu mysticism is quire remarkable for the time he writes. Right now, "I am a Camera" has really taken off, and Isherwood, for probably the first time in his life, feels financially secure. How did these people live, I keep asking myself. Things have changed now, I suppose, but back then meaning you could depend on your friends was something far more significant than it is today.
The last installment of "Farewell to the Academy" might come this way even earlier than first anticipated. Who knows what will happen. These are very confused now, and I feel like I am living inside a Roque Dalton poem.

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