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Friday, August 04, 2006

What happened to the toys?

I saw this picture earlier today as I was waiting for a site to load. I found it particularly amusing. I have often wondered what the fascination is with toys... they are not designed for adults but often the adults feel an irresistible, inexplicable attraction to them. Perhaps it just means that we grew up but our minds stayed behind, a few years behind. We yearn for the unrecoverable past, for that last one time to play cops and robbers or hide and seek and not feel self-conscious about it. I remember that scene on "Amelie" when she returns the old toy box to the now old man who used to own it as a boy... he says: "When one is a boy one cannot wait to grow up and time seems to move so slow... but as an adult it feels time moves much faster and it won't be long before we are in a box ourselves." Toys makes us remember a better time, a past of unworried freedom... especially if you didn't have enough of them.


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