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Sunday, September 03, 2006

More on "Irreducible"

Poetry. There, I said it. That's where this infernal word came from. I am sure that it is deeply embedded in my consciousness. Something was left over from some distant reading and it is just now starting to come out. Other words pre-date it, of course, but none as powerful as this one. I found my past irreducible; my ponderings of times immemorial cannot be shortened or shrunk. This is the cause of the problem. In a life when the daily activities are marked by 80 minute blocks, it is impossible to shorten anything. Those are the limitations of what we have accepted in our lives, a complicated idea of commitable understanding.

I wrote something on my Moleskine regarding the word. I found it ironic that I was indeed trying to reduce the word to a mark on a page. It is impossible. There were instances this week when it all became an obssession of sorts--the word permeating everything in my brain, even invading my sentences, corroding the meaning of what I wanted to say.

I am off to read some more... perhaps the infernal word will cross my path on a random page.


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