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Friday, June 10, 2016

The Final Lunacy Has Arrived

This post is not meant as political criticism, although I am sure many will see it as such.  I will go to great lengths to not mention the obvious.  It seems that this nation, and we as a society, have completely lost our sense of reason and logic.  I am not taking sides; both disgust me without reserve.  I am not saying this in order to promote some overly-intellectual, holier, "smarter and more sophisticated than thou" point of view (believe me, that market has already been cornered in academia).  What I am trying to illustrate is the state of our culture as a whole and what we are now at the risk of losing once and for all.  All great nations fall; this is inevitable.  Yet to fall for such trivialities, such nonsense and unmitigated stupidity, leaves a great deal to be desired.

If I sound alarmist, then I apologize.  Again, I will not write of such matters again.  This blog is dedicated to the anathema of all the things that are now the focus of this rapidly vanishing Republic.  I will continue to escape into literature, into studies, culture art and music.  If this is disagreeable to you, then sue me.

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