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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hard to find...

What I am finding hard to find now is time to write anything, even in this blog. I still have one of my Moleskines waiting to be finished, 20 more pages and I am through filling another one of these magical journals. Yet, I don't find anything important to write about. I thought about writing a humorous essay about how the Japanese put just about anything that is English in the front of their t-shirts. This past summer I wrote down many of the things I saw people wearing on their t-shirts. Some of these were totally outrageous! Nevertheless, I ran out of time during the summer to make some headway on the essay. Similarly, the Dostoyevsky revision of a college essay I started this summer has also been put on hold. I think it is the anticipation of owning a home that is keeping me from writing. Frankly, I can't seem to be able to think about anything else these days. If we don't close soon I might just go out of my mind :-) School work just comes and goes and I am not concerned because despite the lapse last week, I am all caught up. I have three sets of tests to grade as of today, but other than that I am not really concerned. I should be able to put those away rather quickly. Having graded those I really think I should put pen to paper and finish the Moleskine. There are a million things to be discovered by writing about them and I am just postponing the inevitable. There are too many fine things in this world, and how could we not write about them. That's the attitude I will take as I tackle my writing self again.


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