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Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Life of Pi

Something totally bizarre occurred to me today.  I was thinking about reincarnation and about living out the same live over and over again, as in a large circle.  It occurred to me that if indeed that is the case, and heaven or hell or whatever else we might believe is total nonsense then the circle might well be explained by Pi.  Yes, Pi might just be the answer to the enigma of where we go once we are “dead.”  I don’t know the specifics because I am not a mathematician but this came to me today in a moment of reflection and I can’t explain it completely just now because I need to give it a little more thought.  The thing is that based on string theory we could—at least theoretically—bend time so as to break the lineal constraints of it.  If indeed we are capable of doing this, then the lineal pattern of life (point a to point b to point c) could be represented in an oval, hence the idea of Pi.  Imagine the possibilities if this happened without our control!  Paranormal experiences (i.e. ghosts) would be a thing of the past (no pun intended).  Seeing a “ghost” could very well be explained by a bend in the time/space continuum; two lines bended and intersecting at a specific moment by chance.  It is all happening at the same time, you see!  Don’t give this too much thought, really… that seems to be my job this weekend.


At 11:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoy my blog. I enjoy yours as well :) And don't worry; I don't think you are a stalker. I wonder though, if you were a stalker would being married and a teacher of history and English really prohibit the activity? Haha.

Nice to meet you. I appreciate the feedback!
- Theresa


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